The most important item- the poo pot! Our poopots are made of heavy duty PP, to keep our prices low and help the environment they are sterilised and reused, so may have some minor scratches or marks from the disinfectant, but they are perfectly usable! The kit contains one pot per horse, this needs to be filled fully to avoid air spoiling the sample and the lid clicked down fully. When placed FLAT in the envelope these pots are thin enough to go through the post as large letter- saving you money!


Each pot slides into a grip seal plastic bag- this needs to be sealed fully to prevent leaks- and the horses name written on the panel provided. Its very important to write your horses name, even if you only bought a one horse kit, as we test in batches of 16 or 20!

The bag is included to help protect the jiffy envelope from poo juices! 

Grip Seal Bag

Each kit contains one disposable glove to wear when picking up your poo samples. Please be aware that supplies of these do vary and they may be made of latex, vinyl or nitrile depending on price, keeping costs down for you- the customer! 

Dont want a glove? Let us know when you order and we will leave it out.

Disposable Glove

Padded Return Envelope 

The samples are returned in a padded envelope. This comes pre addressed and stamped and can be slid into any UK mailbox- no need to visit the post office. On the back is a space to fill in the date you posted and your sender address. The pots need to slide in FLAT in order to go through the post as large letter. You can see we attach post-it notes to each kit reminding customers to pack flat! If you ordered our bulk kit the return envelope will be a mailing bag rather than a jiffy envelope, with more postage to go as royal mail small parcel first class, and can be slid into any UK mailbox or taken to the post office.

Your kit comes with 4 pieces of paperwork.

  • Poopost voucher: This needs to be returned with your samples, it contains important information for us such as horse name, worming history, your details to send results to Etc.

  • Terms & Conditions: This outlines how we test your sample, the limitations of the test, our turnaround time and selected dates in the calendar year where we are not accepting samples. There are not many of these but please do check so your sample doesn't end up sat around when we are shut!

  • How to use the kit leaflet: A handy guide on how to take your sample

  • What do my results mean? Leaflet: An explanation of your results


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