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Stamp update 06/11/23

Royal Mail are now no longer accepting the red stamps that were discontinued in Feb 2022. We are aware a few of our customers may have old left over kits from before the change over happened that may have red stamps on them.

For the small white jiffy returns with a single red stamp on: Please either replace this with a new blue first class large letter stamp or contact us so we can help you with this before posting.

For the large grey bulk plastic return bags: Please either take this to a post office to check what is needed to replace (and they will arrange a refund form for your old style stamps) or contact us so we can help before posting.

Since the new stamps became available at the start of 2022 we have been using these, so most of the kits in circulation will have new stamps on. Any with blue barcoded stamps are fine to use, the newer bulk returns have a combination of blue barcoded stamps and a gold coloured barcoded stamp, these are valid for first class small parcel returns.

As always any questions or issues pop us a message by DM, or send us an email to and we will help you as much as we can.

Team Poopost

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