Slight Price Increase

As Royal Mail increased their postage costs significantly this month, we have unfortunately had to also increase the cost of our kits by a small amount to cover this increase. We have tried to keep this as low as possible and wish we could have avoided this happening at all, but as we all know the cost of everything is rising right now and that sadly includes postage. 

Luckily our kits still offer great value! Especially when testing more than 1 animal. 

What do you get for your money when you choose us for your horses worm count?

  • First class postage both sent out to yourself and then the prepaid return included in the price

  • Expert testing by highly experienced qualified staff, using centrifuges to spin the eggs to the surface- a far superior method to the simple straining technique used by some others.

  • Samples tested 5 days a week, everything tested the day it arrives and results reported that same day.

  • Expert follow up help and advice from our friendly SQP. As much or as little guidance as you need- no question too big or too small.

  • Ongoing support from the Poopost team. Our customers are very important to us. If you ever need us we are here. Any issues with your order, problems with a new horse, need to know what to worm with? We are always here to help.

  • Fully UK registered company, VAT registered (lots of tax!), who pay above living wage to all staff regardless of age. 

Thank you for supporting our small family run business. It really does mean the world to us here at Poopost HQ. We started Poopost with the intention of bringing more affordable testing to horse owners, to make it more accessible and economical to test your animals rather than reach for the wormer. In the years since that point it has grown so much, but affordability while offering quality testing is still at the heart of what we are about, which is why we wish we didnt have to raise prices at all, if we could lower them and still make a living we would! 

As always any questions or issues reach out to us and we will help as much as we can.

Team Poopost x

Is spring just around the corner? Planning ahead looking to spring & grazing season


The weather can't seem to make its mind up at the moment!

Forecasts seem uncertain but possibly pointing to mild weather, which means we need to be prepared for spring parasite control.

If you haven't already dosed or tested against encysted small redworm this winter, and been holding out for some good frosty cold weather then its probably worth sorting that now, as its uncertain that we will get any decent winter weather this year.

Lots of you already dosed/tested earlier this winter & are coming up to routine worm count (FEC) time again. We have been seeing a lot of adult redworm activity on tests all through the winter, with the milder weather they are not dying off or slowing down, so be sure to keep up with regular testing on an 8-12 week cycle depending on your horse. Remember that the worms don't respect our "seasons" as such, even though its technically still winter they are still around & regular monitoring will give a good overview of whats happening in your pasture.

As we come towards spring many of you will be thinking about tapeworm, which has traditionally been dealt with in spring & autumn (although is active year round). If your horse hasnt been treated or tested for tapeworm within the last 6 months or so its worth considering doing an Equisal saliva test. If you do this along side one of your routine worm counts as we come to spring then it makes it easier to target treat based on both sets of results (the redworm & roundworm result from the worm count & the saliva score for tapeworm). If you used Equest Pramox wormer this winter then you can wait longer before testing for tape, aim for around 6 months after dosing unless you are checking for reinfection/resistance following a dose of wormer, in which case 2-3 months is advised.

As always, if you need any advice regarding your parasite control programme please do message us on FB or else email us at poopost@outlook.com & our friendly SQP will help

All the test kits you need coming into spring can be found in the online shop. Worm count kits in sizes 1-4 plus bulk kits for big yards & liveries, Equisal saliva tests & other items such as lungworm tests, pinworm tests, calendars for planning the years testing & weigh tapes to estimate weight.

Hang on in there folks, long light evenings and warm weather are not too far off, we have nearly made it through!

Poopost x