The team

Owner of Poopost

Founder of Poopost- Elisabeth Jackson.

Elisabeth has a BSc (hons) degree in Biology, Associate membership of the Royal Society of Biology, membership of the British Society of Parisitology and has qualifications in bulk analysis of materials under microscopes. She is also AMTRA J-SQP and is the team member giving advice to our customers on all aspects of worm control and use of chemical wormers.

Aside from biology, Elisabeth loves spending time with her animals, especially her beloved pony: old lady Shannon, who you may have seen making appearances on our facebook page! 

Director of Poopost

Team member & business partner Marc joined us from a microscopy analysis background, so is a real whizz with a microscope, although he prefers to prep samples rather than analyse them! 

Outside of work, Marc loves to spend time with the animals, especially the chickens. Pictured here with Beau the border collie who sadly passed away last year, these two were the best of friends and loved going for long walks together. We have yet to persuade him to ride a horse, but he does have a soft spot for Poopost's Shannon pony!

Our Story

Poopost started as a more affordable alternative to commercial worm count kits currently available. We originally needed to test 10 of our own horses, and quickly realised that even with yard pricing, worm counts work out very costly!

Being a biologist, our founder Elisabeth figured there must be a way to make worm counting more affordable for the average horse owner, without sacrificing on test quality.. Poopost was born from this idea. Using the same high quality testing method (modified mcmaster FEC) as used by vets and other brands, but saving on items such as posh packaging, disposable pots and colour printed information leaflets, we have managed to pass on significant savings to our customers.

Poopost really cares about the environment. Our poo pots are reused. They are made from a hard plastic to comply with Royal Mail postal rules for biological samples, which can be boiled and sterilised between uses. A poopot goes out an average of 4-5 times before being recycled, thats 4 or 5 single use plastic pots that didn’t end up in landfill or using energy to be recycled! Our labware is borosilicate glass and acrylic mcmaster slides which are sterilised between tests, no single use containers or pipettes in this company! The outer mailbag your package arrives in is fully recyclable in the local carrier-bag recycling station, and our printing is basic . We are working in the future on a way to make biodegradable gloves an affordable inclusion in the kit. These choices not only benefit the environment but also make the kits more cost effective! We may not be fancy and shiny, but we make your horses parasite management more affordable allowing you to give your animal the best care possible.

Did you know we also test various farm animals? On our books are llamas, alpacas, chickens, the odd pig, pet sheep, goats, dairy cows and ducks. Prices for these are the same as our horse kits.

Thank you for reading our story and for sharing this journey with us! We have a long way to go but Poopost is growing monthly and we are excited for the future which you- our customers make possible!

Shannon & Lis
Owners of poopost

Thank you- Poopost xx