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No upcoming bank holidays or official postal issues for a while.

Please post as early in the week as possible ideally Mon & Tues. Date your envelopes & vouchers so we know how fresh they are.

Royal Mail 1st class currently taking anywhere from 1-5 days delivery time.


Please keep this in mind and wait 7 days from posting before chasing sample arrivals/results. If you are missing results after 1 week please get in touch giving the following details: Sample type, animal name, email/sms written on the voucher for results & date of posting. Sample arrival enquiries will not be chased up unless it has been approx. a week since posting, this is to cut down on staff admin time and keep prices low. Please see the little white posting info slip in your kit for more details.

Some slight delays for all post are to be expected as Royal Mail are failing to deliver on time nationwide (ongoing long term issue with Royal Mail- nothing to do with our service).

All samples are tested on day of arrival Mon-Fri. Any arrivals on Saturday are stored safely in the 'fridge until Monday testing.

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