Posting Update

Happy New Year everyone!

Overall the post is running quite well, with just the odd delay as Royal Mail catch up after the festive break. With the ongoing covid situation there may be isolated delays ongoing depending on the local sorting offices etc.

Please see the advice below for sending samples.

How can you help us to help you?

  • Always write the date you took the sample on either the envelope, voucher or sample bag.

  • Check the dates above to make sure your sample will arrive safely for testing. If its getting close to the cut off date consider upgrading your postage to signed for or special delivery.

  • Write clearly on your voucher- use a ballpoint pen and if your email address has unusual symbols please make these clear. (& check your spam folders!)

Please be patient when waiting for results during the Christmas holidays. On the days Royal Mail are delivering then your samples will be tested the day they arrive, reporting results may be slower over the holidays with limited staff in the lab & the main office closed. Samples are viable for 6 days from collection, and rest assured if your sample does get delayed or lost we always offer free replacements and help in any way we can.

Need to get in touch? Email us at or send us a message on Facebook (@poopostwormcounts).

Thank you as always for your orders, your support & your lovely kind recommendations. We wish all our customers a wonderful Christmas & new year.

Team Poopost