Here’s an overview of what the results mean:

<50 EPG: No eggs seen in sample
Good news- no eggs seen. Keep doing what you're doing and be sure to re test in 8 weeks to keep monitoring the parasite burden-a lot can change in 2 months!


LOW ( under 200 EPG) 
Your worming measures are working, and you may wish to delay worming the horse and retest in 8 weeks, or use a herbal wormer.


MEDIUM (200-1150 EPG) 
Horse requires worming


HIGH (1150+ EPG) 
The horse requires worming and your worm prevention strategy needs reviewing. Horse should be retested 2+ weeks after worming to ensure it worked.

Does your horses result indicate they require worming? Contact us for advice on which wormer to use. We can help with your yearly worm control programme, use of chemical wormers, resistance issues and modern worm control strategies. Use the contact us page to email or message us on facebook

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