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To take a blended sample:

Using the larger plastic blending bag provided, collect random bits of droppings from the nights roosting. Go along the rows and nip off bits of each poo so you have a good random assortment from different birds. Seal the bag if needed, and squidge together the poo, mushing it up.

Use this mixture to fill the poo pot fully, snapping the lid shut afterwards. Dispose of the blending bag and its left over contents, and slide your filled poo pot into the smaller grip seal bag provided, then follow the sending instructions below.

To take an individual animal sample:


Using the glove, pick up pieces of fresh dung from the bird and place in the sample pot provided. Remember, fresher is better, You want to start with the freshest possible poo before it enters the postal system!. Tip-if you clean the roosting area the day before, then you will know that the nights droppings are fresh!


Really squish the poo down and stuff as much as possible into the tub to ensure we have enough to test. Click the snap lid on the pot shut, and slide the pot inside the grip seal bag provided, squeezing excess air to make it as flat as possible.


Write your birds name on the grip bag label

How to send off your poo:


Fill in the poopost voucher. If sending individual samples write the animals name in the correct space, if sending a blended sample write this, and be sure to write which species the animal is. Also be sure to write clearly and to include all your contact details!


Place the bagged pot inside the envelope, being sure to slide it in so its as flat as possible for postage. If sending multiples, slide carefully side by side making sure they sit the flat way round. The excess air you squeezed out would make this harder- so make sure you really squeeze that air out! Slide the voucher in alongside your samples.


Write the date you collected and your return to sender details on the back of the envelope, Seal envelope and pop in the post! Any post box will do! Check the testing status on the website first as there's a few dates  that we don’t accept samples on.


Finally- remember this is a time sensitive process- freshest poo possible- post it straight away! Poo that sits in your car or in your house for a few days will not give a good result, neither will a dried up old poo from the coop!!! Fresh is always best.


Sit back and wait for the results. If you don’t hear anything within 6 days contact us, the post does mess up sometimes, and we will try and figure it out together.

Remember the 3 Fs of potting a poo:

Full pot

Fresh as possible

Flat in the envelope


How to use our worm count kits to take the perfect poultry sample:

For poultry there are 2 ways you can perform worm counts. Either by taking a blended/composite sample from your flock (1 sample per 10 birds roughly), or by testing individual birds, perhaps if you dont have many or if there is a particular bird you are concerned about

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