The test is performed using the industry standard modified mcmaster counting method, in duplicate and the result taken as an average of the two counts and presented as an EPG (eggs per gram) value.

The sample of dung is weighed into a container and Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) solution added to a specified level. After 5 minutes soaking time, the sample is ground up then sieved through a fine strainer to remove large particles. The strained liquid is then pipetted into a double chambered mcmaster slide, which we import from USA. After 2 minutes time to allow any eggs to float to the surface, the slide is then counted underneath a 100x magnification microscope. Each chamber is divided into sections and all these are counted and the result calculated then noted down. The test is repeated twice, and the result given is an average of the two. This gives an "eggs per gram" value. 

The equipment used for testing is high quality lab ware which is reusable, rather than using disposable plastics which are bad for the environment. Every item is sterilised between tests. 

Before testing all samples are stored in a refrigerator to slow down egg development allowing more time for an accurate result. 

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