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Fancy a weight tape that looks a little different? We have done away with the boring white tapes and released this beauty in our very own Poopost green colour and branding. Measures weight in KG and Lbs and height in HH, a tackroom essential everyone should have.


What can you use this for? 

Measure your horses estimated weight in order to dose correctly when worming. Wormer syringes have graduations based on the weight of a horse in KG, so to dose successfully you need a good estimate of how much your horse and pony weighs!


Monitor your horses weight for health reasons. Equine obesity is one of the major problems facing the UKs horse population. Use this measuring tape to keep a log of your horse's weight and adjust the diet and exercise accordingly. You could even use our Calendars to write down the results.


Estimate height in hands (hh). Dont have a measuring stick and curious how tall your steed is? Use the tape to estimate height.


Waterproof tough material, does not crease or rip, coils up neatly to store in your grooming bag or drawer. 


Measures up to 752kg, 1654 lbs, 22.1hh


Free postage!

Weight Tape

VAT Included
  • A measuring tape to estimate equine weight and height

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