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This pack contains everything you need to take and return a faecal sample to test for liver fluke in 1 farm animal. The test will detect the eggs of the adult liver fluke parasite, but cannot detect immature stages.


Liver Fluke tests (farm animal) can be used on sheep, goats, cattle and other grazing farm animals.

For horses please see the Equine Liver Fluke test kit, which uses a different technique.

Sorry no cats, dogs or other carnivores!


Methods used:

Flotation technique with centrifugation using a different flotation fluid for the heavier fluke eggs following RVC guidelines.


Whats inside?

1 Poopot

1 sample bag to place poopot in and label with animal name

1 optional rubber glove

1 prepaid return envelope

Testing voucher


All postage is included, and your return envelope can be posted in any UK mail box.

Liver Fluke Test Kit for Farm Animals

VAT Included
  • Liver Fluke eggs (Fasciola hepatica)

  • Faecal sedimentation and/or Flotation using Zinc Sulphate solution

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