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This pack contains everything you need to take and return a faecal sample to test for liver fluke in 1 equine. It's best to test between February to May when the eggs are more likely to be shed in the faeces.


We require samples to be taken on 3 consecutive days, storing the first 2 in the 'fridge before posting on the 3rd day. The samples you submit are then blended to create 1 test. Using 3 days worth of samples helps to increase the chances of finding the eggs in an equine, as it is thought that the liver fluke finds it harder to complete its lifecycle in equines compared to other animals. 


Liver Fluke tests (equine) can be used on horses, ponies, donkeys & mules.

For other animals please see the Farm Animal Liver Fluke test kit instead.

Sorry no cats, dogs or other carnivores!


Methods used:

Flotation technique using a centrifuge to spin the sample for maximum egg recovery. A different flotation fluid is used to help float the heavier fluke eggs to the surface.


Whats inside?

3 Poopots (we need 3 samples over consecutive days for equines to give the best chance of isolating the eggs)

3 sample bags to place poopots in and label with animal name and date of sample

3 optional rubber gloves

1 prepaid return envelope

Testing voucher

Information sheet


All postage is included, and your return envelope can be posted in any UK mail box.

Liver Fluke Test Kit for Equines

VAT Included
  • Liver Fluke eggs (Fasciola hepatica)

  • Modified McMaster method with centrifugation, using Zinc Sulphate solution for fluke egg flotation.

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