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Introducing our standard year kit!


This kit contains everything you need to test 1 horse for adult egg laying red and roundworms 5 times throughout the year.

The kit comes with 5 seperate return envelopes & testing supplies, a parasite control calendar, full instructions and is all placed inside a handy waterproof zip lock bag to keep everything together. 


Inside the pack you will find:

5 return prepaid envelopes (pop them in any UK mail box)

5 poo pots and bags to collect your samples

5 (optional) disposable rubber gloves for collecting samples

5 laboratory testing vouchers

1 instruction sheet

1 parasite control calendar

1 waterproof zip lock bag for storage

Unlimited free friendly aftercare & advice from our registered animal health adviser (RAMA/SQP) included for all customers.


This will allow you to test your equine roughly every 8 weeks throughout the year, with a break in winter where you will dose or test for encysted small redworm (not included). The calendar has further information on ideal testing intervals and what to do at what time of year.


Got multiple horses? You may find you save more money by buying our multiple horse kits individually.

Want to cover tapeworm too? Check out the year kit plus- our other product that includes Equisal saliva tapeworm tests!

Equine Year Kit

VAT Included
  • Adult egg laying redworm and roundworms

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