This pack contains everything you need to take and return poo samples to test for lungworm in 2 equines.

Lungworm tests can be used on donkeys, mules or horses, but it is often better to test the donkeys who are the host of the parasite, as it can be harder to detect in horses (because while they may be infected the parasite may not reach adult egg laying stages). 

Test when you suspect a lungworm infection (coughing, mucus, wheezing), or routinely in donkeys.

Method used is Baermann technique + sedimentation following RVC guidelines.


Whats inside?

4 Poopots- we need double quantities for this test! (2 per equine!)

4 sample bags to place poopot in and label with animal name

1 optional rubber glove

1 prepaid return envelope (Both samples must be returned at the same time)

Testing voucher

Information sheet with full instructions


All postage is included, and your return envelope can be posted in any UK mail box.

2 Lungworm test kit

  • Lungworm larvae

  • Baermann technique + sedimentation to detect free floating larval parasitic form.

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