Test your horse for the presence of pinworm. Kit includes a sticky back tape strip, which gets pressed on the horses bum to take an imprint (which catches any pinworm eggs there) then is folded up and posted back to us. Signs of pinworm in your horse include irritation around the tail area, rubbing hair and possible skin infections.


Our bulk horse kits are designed for bigger yards and multiple horse owners. This kit allows you to test over 10 equines for the presence of pinworm. The base price of £2.50 is the postage, then each sample costs £2.50, you can select the number of horses from the drop down menu. 


Kit contents: 

Clear sticky back tape strips

Sample bags to place tape in

1 prepaid envelope to return all samples at the same time (if you wish to return samples seperately please purchase our 1 horse pinworm kit)

Full instructions

Voucher for testing


All postage is included in the price you pay! Post your return envelope in any UK mail box

10 + Pinworm Kit (Bulk Yard Kits)

Number of horses
  • Pinworm (Oxyuris equi)

  • Microscope analysis of clear tape sample to detect the presence of pinworm eggs. Results as negative/positive, not counted.

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