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Worm count kit (FEC) suitable for various grazing farm animals- including but not limited to: sheep, goats, cattle, pigs & poultry.

No dogs or cats please- grazing animals only!

Can also be used for camelids such as alpacas but please see note at bottom*


This pack contains everything you need to take and return a worm count sample.

Worm counts are now used as the basis for parasite control programmes. By testing your animal for the presence of common worms, you avoid giving unnecessary wormers, and help prevent the growing issue of wormer chemical resistance.

Recently given a wormer? This test can check whether your wormer worked correctly (10-14+ days after given). 


Testing a flock of animals? Why not send us blended samples? A rough guide is 1 pot per every 10 animals as a minimum. Take random poo samples from different animals to fill the pots, and the result will give you a rough guide to the worm status of the flock as a whole.


Whats inside?

1 Poopot

1 sample bag to place poopot in

1 optional rubber glove

1 prepaid return envelope 

Testing voucher

Information sheet with full instructions


All postage is included, and your return envelope can be posted in any UK mail box.


*Please note that while we accept camelid samples such as alpacas and llamas, the standard technique used in these tests is the modified mcmaster technique. Camelids may benefit from a more sensitive testing technique as the standard test may not pick up low levels of parasites affecting them. We do not currently offer any camelid specific test kits.

Worm Count Kit For 1 Farm Animal

VAT Included
  • Industry standard Modified Mcmaster Faecal Egg Count (FEC) floatation.

  • Parasites detected depend on the species of animal being tested. As a rough guide:

    Sheep, goats, cattle: various strongyles incl barber pole worm, intestinal threadworm, bankrupt worm, whipworm (trichuris), nematodirus, and coccidia oocysts (eimeria). Tapeworm can be detected if present but sheds unreliably in the faeces.

    Pigs: various strongyles incl nodular worm & intestinal threadworm, ascaridia, trichuris, taenia (tapeworm) & coccidia oocysts (eimeria).

    Poultry: Gapeworm (syngamus), roundworm (ascarid) caecal worm (heterakis), hairworm & threadworm (capillaria) , coccidia oocysts (eimeria).

    Camelids: Various strongyles incl. barber pole worm, nematodirus, trichuris, tapeworm (monezia), coccidia (eimeria & e.mac). Please note camelids may benefit from a more sensitive testing technique & this test should be used with caution on this group.

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