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How to send your leftover samples to us through the post

Leftover samples from your prepaid kit? Horse wouldn't "go" in time for the post run? No problem: You can send your leftover prepaid samples to us (address at the bottom):

The Rules

Boring yes, but please read on if you are wanting to post us some samples.

  • Firstly, only prepaid left over samples from kits we have sold may be sent through the post to us using this method. If you have not bought a kit please use the online shop to buy one. Unsolicited faecal samples without prior arrangement (such as emailing us to arrange a special circumstance testing) will not be tested they will be DESTROYED in our biological waste. 

  • Left over samples from prepaid kits may be sent to us at any time, as can old sample pots of ours where you have lost the other parts of your kit.

  • You will need to buy your own postage to send any leftover samples if you do not have a prepaid envelope. This is ALWAYS minimum of large letter (£2.10 blue stamp) NOT a regular purple stamp. If using regular stamps add 2! The best way is to pop to a post office and get your parcel professionally weighed and checked for size, that way you avoid any mistakes. We regret to say we will no longer be replacing kits for free that have been sent without the correct postage, these cost us time and money, so check carefully before you send.

  • You will also need a jiffy envelope or a plastic mailer bag, NOT a normal envelope as the pots can rub through. If you don't have a voucher left over then pop a note in with your name and email or text for results.

  • Send your samples to the following P.O Box address via Royal Mail. For courier details instead please contact us


P.O Box 1634



As always if you need any help or have questions or an issue please do contact us to chat.

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