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  • How do I place an order?
    You can place an order by adding the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart in our online shop. Some items have drop down menu choices before you can add them to the cart, some require you to type an email address for results.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Our website secure checkout accepts PayPal, ApplePay (beta), and credit or debit card payments via wixpayments.
  • Is there free postage on everything?
    Almost! The only item that has a postage charge added is the Equisal Tapeworm kit. This has a small postage charge of £2 to go towards covering the increased cost of sending these items (they have to go tracked & signed for due to their higher value). All our worm count kits, pinworm tests, lungworm kits, year kits & accessories have free postage. If you add multiple Equisal tests to your cart you will only pay one postage cost of £2. Your entire order will then be sent via Royal Mail 1st class signed for/or RM tracked 24.
  • How do I know which kit to order?
    If you are struggling to decide which kit to buy please contact us so we can advise you based on your animals and your situation. Our advice hub has information about the different parasites and which tests detect them. A good starting point is always a regular worm count kit. We can always advise any additional tests that would be suitable once you have an initial result.
  • Can I buy a bulk yard kit & send it back one/two/three at a time?
    No. The bulk yard kits are designed for the larger horse numbers, starting at 10+. They should all be returned together where possible and only 1 return bag is included for this purpose. If you wish to test 1 or a few horses multiple times you could purchase our individual worm count kits or year kits. The prices of the bulk kits are worked out based on us testing all the samples in 1 go, which is why it works out a little cheaper.
  • Not all the products are showing? Where can I find pinworm kits in bigger sizes & farm animal kits?
    Scroll down to the bottom of the shop page and click the button "load more products" to show additional products available.
  • How long do results take? (Worm counts & pinworm tests)
    Everything is tested the day it arrives here (Mon-Fri) once the post arrives, & results are reported the same day usually in the evening. It all depends how long Royal Mail take to deliver your packet to us. Mostly this is fast - around 1-3 days, occasionally they do get delayed and take longer depending on the Covid situation in the sorting offices. Samples are viable for 6 days from collection. Please wait a week before chasing samples to give them time to arrive (and check the spam folder).
  • How long do results take? (Equisal tapeworm tests)
    Equisal advise 7 working days for results from posting. They aim to test everything that arrives in their lab within 3 working days. Once the results come through to us we will send them on to your email, be sure to check the spam folder. These samples are stable for up to 3 weeks or more, so even if they get delayed they will be fine to test. As these samples don't come back to our lab but go directly to Equisal, we won't know whether they've arrived there safely or not. If its been more than 7 working days and still no results contact us and we will chase up your samples for you.
  • How long do results take? (Lungworm tests)
    Lungworm tests require an overnight sedimentation as part of the testing process. Depending when they arrive here expect an additional day or 2 for results to come through.
  • I havent had my results? What do I do now?
    If you havent received your results please contact us either on social media, by email to or or fill in the website contact form. Please include the following information to help us chase up your samples faster: *Your full name *Date you posted *Animal Name/s *The email or sms you wrote on your voucher for results *Anything else you think we should know We will then track down whats happened to your samples, and inform you whats happening. Often the results are in the spam folder, or theres an error with the spelling of the email or sms number (either written on the voucher or on our end). Occasionally a kit goes missing in the post & in this case we will arrange a replacement free of charge. Please remember to be kind to our staff as they try to help you. We appreciate nobody likes delays but often these are postal issues out of our hands. We always try and help as much as we can and you will never be left out of pocket.
  • I dont understand my worm count results?
    If you are struggling to understand your results, you can refer to the information leaflet that arrived with your kit (dark green) which has a section explaining the different results. Each result has a recommendation section saying exactly what you should do based on the result. Be sure to read this. You can also refer to the advice hub on our website under the section "results" for more info. Still stuck? Contact us using one of the methods on the contact page & we will help you.
  • I sent multiple packets off at the same time- why have I only had results for 1 pack?
    Once your kits enter Royal Mail's delivery system they mix with hundreds of thousands of packages. This means often multiple kits will become separated during the journey and may arrive a few days apart. Please try to be patient and wait the 6 days before contacting us. If after this time you still havent had the other part of your results please contact us and we will chase up your samples.
  • Ive just had my results- Can I speak to someone for worming advice?
    Yes you certainly can. If you contact us using one of the methods on the "contact" page, or reply directly to the email or sms that sent you the results, our friendly SQP will be happy to help.
  • Ive let my horse's worming programme slip- how can I get back on track?
    If you contact us our friendly SQP will be happy to work with you to point you in the right direction. Its never too late to get back on track. Don't be worried about asking if things have gone a bit chaotic- it happens to all of us at some point, we can help you get back on track with our free, non judgemental advice.
  • Why is 1 horse high and 1 clear?
    If you have multiple horses sharing the same grazing its quite common for the results to differ. Each individual animal varies in their ability to fight off parasites. Various factors contribute to this such as age, immunity, health conditions such as gastric issues or metabolic disorders etc, worming history in previous years.. the list goes on. Some horses are very prone to picking up infection while others can graze any sort of pasture & never pick up a parasite burden.
  • My horse's worm count came back clear but i've found a worm in his poo
    If you find a worm in your horses poo soon after a clear result, the best thing you can do is take a picture of it and send it to us, along with a description. Often this will be one of the worms that isnt detected on a regular worm count, which is designed to detect adult egg laying redworm (strongyles) and roundworm (ascarids). Other worms such as pinworm (beansprout shaped), tapeworm segments (like pasta), bot larvae (reddish and bug shaped) or juvenile redworm (tiny white threads) cannot be detected.
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