This pack contains everything you need to take and return a worm count sample. Worm counts are now used as the basis for parasite control programmes. By testing your horse for the presence of common horse worms, you avoid giving unnecessary wormers, and help prevent the growing issue of wormer chemical resistance.

Recently given a wormer? This test can check whether your wormer worked correctly (14+ days after given). 


Whats inside?

1 Poopot

1 sample bag to place poopot in

1 optional rubber glove

1 prepaid return envelope

Testing voucher

Information sheet with full instructions


All postage is included first class, and your return envelope can be posted in any UK mail box.

1 Equine worm count kit

  • Adult egg laying round and redworms.

  • Industry standard modified mcmaster fecal floatation method using centrifuge to spin samples for better egg recovery

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